Keeping tails wagging one biscuit at a time.


Q. How long do the cookies last?
A. Keep them in a 'cookie jar' for up to 12 weeks. You can also put them in the freezer when you get them and defrost as your furry friend needs them - just make sure you defrost them outside of the packaging.

Q. They are too big for my little dog. Do you have smaller cookies?
A. Our cookies are freshly baked, so it's really easy to break them off into smaller pieces.

Q. Can I build my own Kizzmit Subscription?
A. Absolutely. You know what your pooch likes the most. Just let us know what you want in your subscription and we'll arrange for it to be sent to your cookie monster.

Q. My dog doesn’t deal with Gluten, it upsets his tummy. What can you offer him?
A. Our Moo-Moo Cookies and Cheesy Cookies are gluten free - we've packed them full of beef and cheese instead. We've got something for everyone here at Cookies.

Q. How much do the Cookie's pouches weigh?
A. All our pouches are 100g.

Q. Are any of your Cookies soft, as my dog is quite old and finds it difficult to eat anything hard.
A. The Cookie Crumbles (with Tuna) are quite soft, as are the Moo-Moo Cookies and of course the Good Doggie Cookies (peanut butter). We have something for every dog. And as they are freshly baked, you can be break them into smaller pieces, which may be easier for your pooch to enjoy.