Keeping tails wagging one biscuit at a time.

The Cookie Subscription: (3x100g)

The Cookie Subscription: (3x100g)

Cookie's Dog Bakery
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Treat your doggie to any three of our pouches, delivered straight to your door every month, with delivery free of charge. 

And don't worry you can pause your subscription at any time, you can also change your choice of cookies at any time too.

To keep your Cookie’s Dog Biscuits nice and fresh for up to four months, keep them in a dry place or pop them in your freezer as soon as you get them. Our biscuits can be frozen without losing any of their lip-smacking superpowers. To defrost them remove the biscuits from the packaging or they can be served up frozen for a little extra bite.

Free Postage. 


Cheesy Cookies: 26.5% Cheddar Cheese, 23.8% Oats, 15.8%  Home Made Apple Sauce, 13.8% Brown Rice, 15.8% Veg Oil, 4.3% Parmesan

Cock-a-Doodle Cookies: 25.7% Chicken Breast, 23.3% Wholemeal Flour, 22.8% Mature Cheddar Cheese, 17.9% Brown Rice, 10.3% Oats

Cookie Crumbles: 24.6% Brown Rice, 19.1% Tuna, 15.6% Organic Carrot, 11.4% Free Range Eggs, 10.5% Mature Cheddar Cheese, 9.4% Veg Oil, 9.4% Oats

Fishy Tails: 25.4% Wholemeal flour, 20.9% Salmon, 20.4% Free Range Eggs, 14.6% Brown Rice, 12.6% Oats, 5.8% Wholemeal Breadcrumbs

Good Doggie Cookies: 25.7% Free Range Eggs, 23.5% Homemade Peanut Butter, 20.6% Veg Oil, 16% Wholemeal Flour, 10.6% Oats, 2.8% Cornflour

Moo-Moo Cookies: 33.6% Beef, 18.3% Free Range Eggs, 16.6% Organic Carrots, 5% Peas, 13.1% Brown Rice, 8.4% Mature Cheddar Cheese, 5% Wholemeal Breadcrumbs